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Who We Are

Innate Fitness South Hills is a results driven training facility, backed by real world results! We specialize in personal training, sports performance and our very own, one of a kind, CHAOS fitness class!



Christian Amerson
Christian AmersonOperations Manager & Head Trainer

Christian Alexander Amerson – has been a certified personal trainer for 16 years. Christian was very active throughout his life playing football, baseball, martial arts and running track and continues to stay active as an adult to this day training in several different martial arts such as Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Christian is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the California University of Pennsylvania, in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with a concentration in Performance Enhancement. He holds multiple certifications with the National Exercise Trainers Association (Currently being renewed), National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Speed and Explosion, & Precision Nutrition Level 1. His passion for health and fitness stems from a background in athletics and the passion for helping people become a better version of themselves.

He started his career in fitness in Hyattsville, Maryland at Bally total fitness in 1999 as an overweight sales employee. One day he decided to set out on a journey to transform his life and become a better version of himself. So Christian hired a certified personal trainer and went from 268 pounds to 198 pounds in six months. After losing all of that weight Christian had an ‘aha!’ moment and decided to become a certified personal trainer.

He’s worked with hundreds of men and women to help them lose weight. Christian’s philosophy and the aim is to train people to be strong, be strong to be useful in life, and live long to maximize their usefulness. The stronger you are and the longer you live, you’re able to pursue your life’s purpose. Christian wants to inspire people to become a better version of themselves. He wants to help individuals identify the struggles that they are having in their lives that are stopping their growth. He knows the feeling of being uncomfortable in your own body. Christian understands how it feels to be depressed and feel despair. He has worked with people who were going through divorces, having image issues, and morbidly obese and he has helped those individuals get through those obstacles.

He believes that anything is possible in life you just have to seize the day. Christian maintains a sole focus, of helping people develop an intelligent lifestyle plan that involves a holistic approach of freeing your mind from obstacles, developing safe exercise habits, eating nourishing foods that keep your body strong and include a rest and recovery and play. He wants to help people move more, and move better.

His personal motto:

Get it done every day by taking action in life. Train properly. Eat nourishing foods. Get adequate sleep and surround yourself with winners.

Justin Locante
Justin Locante Sports Performance Coach & Personal Trainer

Justin Locante has been doing Personal Training and Sports Performance Training for 4 years and counting. He is a graduate of the California University of Pennsylvania where he pursued a career in Sports Management with a concentration in Health and Wellness. He has also created a Health and Wellness Documentary-Series dedicated to fitness and spiritually. You can find Conscious Mind Wellness on YouTube and all social media.

Jonathan Carter
Jonathan Carter Personal Trainer

Jon began training for football in middle school and has always had a passion for the weight room since. Used to being overweight since childhood, in 2012 he lost 90 lbs to completely transform his body. Now being certified from the National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training, and the National Association of Speed and Explosion level 1,

he’s begun his endeavor to help people reach their body and fitness goals. Having a Heart plus Hustle mentality in fitness helps Jon to keep pursuing the most update training techniques. He believes, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got, so getting becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is the motto he lives by.



“Love the Chaos class!! Great calorie burn workout!”
Jennifer Lynn
“Love the Chaos class and personal training is A+!”
Tara Klosnick
“Great atmosphere with great trainers! I have been doing personal training with Christian for 3 weeks and I’m already seeing results!”
Rebecca Villa
“We had a great experience yesterday. My daughter really liked her first exercise class with Justin. She loved that we could watch each other work out!”
Laura Cordero
“I took my 7-year old son to the chaos class. He loved it! It was great to see him following the coach and having fun with the other kids while exercising!”
Heidi S.
“The workouts are killer, the trainers are top-notch and the staff is friendly and helpful. It’s the place to go to make a positive change.”
Yvonne Taylor



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